Your donation to the John Paul II Foundation for the Sacred Arts helps to fund the creation of original works of sacred art. We collaborate directly with the artist to make their vision a reality. Through a grant paid in installments throughout the creative process, your donations help cover the artist’s living expenses and material costs to produce a selected work in line with the mission of the Foundation. The artist retains ownership of the work, and the Foundation enjoys a share in the proceeds of any sale of the work, associated prints, or revenues from displaying the work in area churches. This allows us to cover overhead expenses and maintain a modest operating fund.

We are a small, non-profit corporation, with an all-volunteer staff and minimum business expenses, so as much of your donation as possible goes directly to the artist. By combining the generosity of many donors and working directly with artists, we make funding sacred art financially accessible to donors of all levels.

Join us as we spread the gospel through the beauty of sacred art.